Meeting Atlas

[A photo of a sunset in Sri Lanka. Used with permission. Source: Danielle Madanayake]

There’s a quote I read on Pinterest last year that’s really taken a hold of me.

you and atlas are one and the same, my dear

cursed to hold a weight you can’t bear

and still standing

not because you can

but because you have to

– m.h.

I don’t know who m.h. is, and as far as I could tell neither does anyone else. But I liked this a lot. That whole idea that you have to take whatever life throws at you, whether you think you can or not.

Welcome, all of you, to my blog. I hope you’ll find something you like here.

When I started this blog I was 21 years old, about to move from England to Australia for a Masters programme. Now that I’m here, things are pretty interesting. Check my about page for more about me.

I can’t promise that I’ll pour my heart out here; I won’t. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned so far in life it’s that adventure will somehow find you. At least, that’s how it seems to me. So I’ll be sharing my stories with all of you. Aside from stories about my (hopefully many) adventures, this blog will share a lot of things. From the personal to the academic. I’ll share as much as I can think of, whenever I can.

Once again, welcome. I hope that you’ll enjoy.

[Header image: daisies. Used with permission. Source: Danielle Madanayake]


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